Maze Maize Trip 2016

There is not many ways a story can go when you start by saying over 30 Young Farmers from both the Upton Upon Severn and Vale of Evesham clubs, head into the pitch black to hunt down dinosaurs. Ok, it may sound like a peculiar idea for a social, but actually we were welcomed by Rob and Clare at The Great Worcester Maize Maze.

Wrapped up like eskimos, we set off into the night like intrepid explorers looking for both questions and stamps spread out over the maze. This years theme is Dinosaurs, which posed as a little bit of an issue for those of us who are dyslexic . It was only today that I realised there is a silent P in Pterodactyl! Our particular group was lead by Harry, who turns out to be a orientering pro (shame we don’t compete in it!). With him guiding us round the course we managed to collect all of the stamps and answer all of the questions, to reveal the secret anagram at the end. Unfortunately we did not succeed in getting back first, with an embarrassing time of 1hr9mins, but at least they hadn’t ran out of burgers and hot chocolate by the time we go back to the start.

We would like to thank Vale of Evesham for trekking across the county to spend the evening with us, and we look forward to coming and visiting you in the Spring programme. We would also like to thank Rob, Clare and Dan, for hosting us all this evening, and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season.


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